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(You can see these updates when you log into the graphics area of this website. just pull down the 'about' menu and scroll down past the logo)


We've changed the way your templates open. Please view the announcment message on the 'Create' page :D )

No more need to 'double login'

This new update to the software now allows you to login just once. 

Many users have written in asking about having to login twice.

The Web Graphics Creator is made up of two components. The Website (created with Wordpress) and the graphics application (programmed with a technology called 'Angular'). The two platforms don't natively "talk" to each other.

Previously, to make your login secure, we needed to sync up the two paths above by logging in to each. Now, we've created an 'autologin' feature that is secure and syncs up both the app and the website automatically.)

Using both Wordpress and Angular makes the app incredibly powerful as we can surround the graphics application with wordpress and utilize the awesome plugins that Wordpress provides.

NEW! Just added to the software! The eCover Creator

Sept 14th, 2018

The eCover Creator Module Added

New feature! Create your own eCovers and virtual software boxes. Watch the quick video above, and I will be creating a new how-to video shortly!  :)

July, 2018
Version 1.0.14

• Added The Mannequin Character Template set 

• Text outline now displays correctly on outside. 
• Thumbnail size now correct when saving on retina device. 
• Revised multiple levels to Elements: Keep menu visible when element set is selected. 

June 4th, 2018
We’ve got a new update:
 Version 1.0.7 

• Upgraded programming engine to version 2.0 (faster and it makes way for future enhancements). 
• Improved video recording quality. 
• Added immediate welcome screen at startup. 
• Added pinch gesture for touch screens (beginnings for the use of the WGC on iPads and tablets). 
• Added warning message in Video Record if canvas exceeds 1200×1200. 
• Added Save/Save As disable for trial versions. 
• Eliminated font flash on initial display of design. 
• Improved Group Align accuracy.

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